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Online CPA Review

In September, DePaul will be launching a comprehensive Online CPA Review Program. I am pretty excited about this. A four-page advertisement has already appeared in Wiley CPA Examination Reviews. I have taken the liberty here of repeating the advert. You can register for the program at:

DePaul University’s nationally recognized CPA Review program, using Wiley CPA Review materials, has helped thousands of candidates become Certified Public Accountants for over 60 years. Building upon this firm foundation, DePaul will launch an online review in 2010.

All four courses (Regulation, Auditing and Attestation, Financial Accounting and Reporting, and Business Environment and Concepts) will be taught entirely online, taking advantage of exemplary course design and an exciting way to present the material. The courses utilize the following components:

  • Mini-lectures, that can be viewed online, or downloaded to your digital devices (iPods, iPhones, etc.)
  • Extensive quizzes and tests
  • Online discussion
  • Detailed handouts
  • And more

We realize that work, travel and family commitments prevent some from coming to regularly scheduled classes in Chicago. To address this need for an asynchronous online course, we now offer this option. The online course has the same learning outcomes as the in-class counterpart, but is taught week-by-week using a combination of video, text, downloadable content, quizzes and discussion. You will never need to be online at a specific time — you can progress through weekly content at your own pace.

Your participation in this online course will equal, or exceed, that of a typical face-to-face class. The ideal candidate for the online review will know how to schedule their time accordingly to keep up with their studies.

CPA Review credit from DePaul University is accepted in nearly every one of the 54 jurisdictions within the United States and territories. Applicable credit varies by jurisdiction. Visit for additional information.

State boards of accountancy do not accept “commercial” CPA Review program credit toward exam eligibility.

Course Descriptions

Regulation (REG)

Topics include federal taxation, ethics, professional and legal responsibilities, and business law.

Professional Responsibilities and Business Law
  • Professional Responsibilities
  • Federal Securities Acts
  • Contracts
  • Sales
  • Commercial Paper
  • Secured Transactions
  • Bankruptcy
  • Debtor-Creditor Relationships
  • Agency
  • Regulation of Employment and Environment
  • Property
  • Insurance

Federal Taxation
  • Individual
  • Transactions in Property
  • Partnership
  • Corporate
  • Gift and Estate

Auditing and Attestation (AUD)

Topics include generally accepted auditing procedures, generally accepted auditing standards and other standards related to attest engagements.

  • Engagement Planning
  • Internal Control
  • Evidence
  • Reporting
  • Audit Sampling
  • Auditing with Technology

Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)

Topics include generally accepted accounting principles for business enterprises, not-for-profit organizations, and governmental entities.

Basic Theory and Financial Reporting
  • Basic Concepts
  • Error Correction
  • Accounting Changes
  • Financial Statements


Fixed Assets

Monetary Current Assets and Current Liabilities

Present Value
  • Fundamentals
  • Bonds
  • Debt Restructure
  • Pensions
  • Leases

Deferred Taxes

Stockholder’s Equity


Statement of Cash Flows

Business Combinations and Consolidations

Derivative Instruments and Hedging Activities

  • Personal Financial Statements
  • Interim Reporting
  • Segment Reporting
  • Partnership Accounting
  • Foreign Currency Translation

Governmental Accounting

Not-for-Profit Accounting

Business Environment and Concepts (BEC)

Topics include general business environment and business concepts that candidates need to know in order to understand the underlying business reasons for and accounting implications of business transactions.

  • Business Structure
  • Information Technology
  • Economics and Strategy
  • Financial Management
  • Risk Management and Capital Budgeting
  • Performance Measures
  • Cost Measurement
  • Planning, Control, and Analysis

Technical Requirements

There are some technical requirements for this course. You will need:

  • Frequent access to a computer that connects to the Internet.
  • A working e-mail account that you check regularly.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • The ability to view video files, either in a streaming (Flash) or downloadable (QuickTime, iTunes, iPod, iPhone) format.

Prospective candidates can test their computer systems at

Learn from the Best

The CPA Review Program is designed and taught by professors from DePaul University’s College of Commerce; including the School of Accountancy and Management Information Systems, the Department of Finance, the Department of Economics, and the Department of Management. All faculty members come to the program with extensive teaching credentials and exemplary professional experience. The course is led by Kevin Stevens, Director of the School of Accountancy and Management Information Systems, under the guidance of O. Ray Whittington, author of Wiley CPA Exam Review and Dean of DePaul’s College of Commerce.

CPA Exam Credit

Candidates may earn up to 8 semester hours by taking the full CPA Review program for credit. If you are taking the course for CPA exam credit, you connect online and work through the lecture content, complete the assignments and quizzes, as well as the final exam. Credit may only be earned for qualification toward the CPA exam and may not be applied toward any undergraduate or graduate degree program.

2015 Update

Please note: The CPA Review Program has been discontinued. As the market has shifted primarily to a handful of CPA Review providers, it has been increasingly challenging for school providers such as DePaul to be able to sustain the enrollment that it needs in order to be offered. DePaul has been preparing students to sit for the CPA exam for nearly 100 years. We hope that you will continue to find the exam review preparation that you need to achieve your goals.

DePaul will may continue to offer events and workshops of interest to CPA candidates. Please visit the Accountancy website at for more information.

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