Embedding Your Panopto Video In D2L

  1. Log into D2L.depaul.edu
  2. Click on your D2L course.
  3. In Content, find a place for the video to go.
  4. Click on "Upload / Create."
  5. Click on "Create a File."
  6. "Enter a Title" for your new page
  7. Click in the empty space in the content area.
  8. Click on the “Insert Stuff” icon.
  9. Click on "Panopto Insert Stuff."
  10. Select your video recording.
    • You may have to navigate to another folder to find your video recording, such as the "My Folder."
  11. Scroll down and click “Insert” (the button may be hidden from normal view).
  12. Click “Insert.”
  13. Click on “Save and Close.”

Example Video