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Glen Garrett (i>Clicker Specialist) presented on the Tuesday 24th February, 2015. Effective fall of 2015 faculty will have the option of using i>Clicker7 software or Reef Polling software.
iclicker and Reef software

The i>Clicker is a student response system, which can be used to involve students in class activities, assess student learning, or register votes in a departmental meeting. DePaul has used and supported i>Clickers for many years, but you may not be aware of the significant changes and improvements. The new i>Clicker system supports both traditional remotes as well as Web>clickers, which allow voting with an app, or using the browser on a smartphone or laptop.

The primary site for faculty using i>Clickers is

Here faculty can download the REEF app, create their instructor REEF account, as well as a student account.

The support and documentation that Glenn mentioned can be found here:


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