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The College of Business added 14 new questions to the Spring Online Teaching Evaluations (OTE). These 14 questions were designed to assess how the sudden transition of classes to Remote Teaching impacted students, and what strategies the College could employ to better meet the needs of these students.

The video above provides a brief analysis of the results. You can download the results here:

The Spring OTE had a 41% response rate, which is higher than the normal response rate.

The data suggests some key action items for the College:

  • Asynchronous Online is currently the most preferred course modality for College of Business students.
    • Optional Zoom sessions add significant presence, and are highly encouraged. Students may not attend the optional Zoom sessions, but appreciate the sessions being offered.
  • There is demand for some level of synchronous online learning.
  • Discussion boards are not effectively utilized.
    • Training (such as DOTS) is required to improve use within the College. Alternatives to the discussion board are being explored.
  • Video content is highly appreciated by students.
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