This month, we explored some of the novel and affordable devices that students and faculty are experimenting with:

The Leap Motion is a new and exciting device that allows you to control your computer in three dimensions by moving your hands and fingers, If you have seen how Tom Cruise's character interacted with a computer in the movie "Minority Report," then you get an idea of what is possible.

Google Chromebooks have been on the market for a while, but are starting to be taken more seriously as viable competitors to more expensive laptops and tablets. Chromebooks are (with the exception of the Google's Chromebook Pixel) affordable cloud-based computing devices. With long battery life, cheaper prices, and the built-in backups, Chromebooks can be the perfect digital assistant to students and faculty.

Google's Chromecast is an affordable ($35) dongle that plugs into a HDMI connection and takes power from a USB cable. This pocketable device could allow faculty to stream laptop and smartphone content to classroom projectors.