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Trimodal Classrooms

A "Trimodal Classroom" is the work-in-process title given to a DePaul classroom that allows for:

  1. Face-to-face teaching
  2. Online synchronous teaching
  3. Recording of the classroom

This placeholder term will probably change, but the purpose of this page is to aggregate some of the conversations and resources being shared within the College of Business, and University in general.


Hybrid-Flexible Course Design: Implementing student-directed hybrid classes

An Open Educational Resources (OER) that covering design research "into combining online and classroom college students in the same classes, and turning control over participation decisions to students."

The Instructor of The Future

A short video presentation given to the College of Business on November 5th, 2019. The presentation introduces the concept of the Trimodal Classroom.

Trimodal Classrooms at DePaul

Created by the Center for Teaching and Learning, an early promotional piece on Trimodal Classrooms at DePaul.

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