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In the video above, Melissa Koenig (Director of Central Support, Center for Teaching and Learning) covers the new changes to D2L that you will see in 2021:

  • Changes to D2L course homepages: Slim announcements and news, new widgets, instructor profile widget, visual table of contents.
  • Navigation: Content navigator.
  • Interactive assessment tools: Inline quizzes, matching, image hotspots, sequencing.
  • Grading options
  • Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

I need help. Whom can I contact?
If you need help with D2L or any other educational technology, simply email

A team of specialists monitors the FITS email account, and your questions will be swiftly and knowledgably answered. You can also schedule one-on-one sessions here:

My student has a technical issue. Who can help?
Students with technical issues should be directed to the helpdesk:

Where do I find the D2L request forms?
The D2L request forms can be found in D2L:

• In your D2L course, click on Edit Course and select D2L Request Forms.
Where do I find D2L documentation and resources?
You can find D2L documentation and resources on the Teaching Commons website.

Where can I send D2 feature requests?
You can do this at Brightspace Community.
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