On the 30th April, 2013, I gave a one-hour session on "Android Pendrives and the Raspberry Pi" as part of the monthly Technology Tuesdays.

Android Pendrives are small USB-powered computers, about the size of a packet of chewing gum. The Raspberry Pi is a little larger. Both can be purchased for $50 or less (the Model A Pi sells for $25). These highly affordable computers run Linux and are excellent tools for faculty and students to utilize. Already more than one million Raspberry Pis have been sold.
Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Links

Can be purchased here:

Raspberry Pi Type B: $35
You may be better off getting a starter kit (about $100), as you will need:
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • SD Card
  • Case
  • WiFi Module


There are many types of Pendroid, but here are two that I purchased recently:

  1. Android Mini PC RK3066 (1.6 GHz 1G RAM 4G Flash , Bluetooth, headphone jack, standard female HDMI) $55
  2. SainSmart SS808 PC-On-A-Stick/ Mini Computer (Android 4.0 OS, Dual Core 1.6 GHz A9 Processor, 1GB DDR3, 8GB Internal Storage, Dual WIFI Module On Board, OTG Port, Black) $46


Similar devices

Additional Resources

Rafael Tenorio recommended TeamViewer as a very useful application to remotely access computers from Android devices.