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Josh Lund (of DePaul FITS) and I have been experimenting with the Wacom Cintiq tablet (Wacom Cintiq 13HD Pen Display). These screencasted videos demonstrate how DePaul faculty could create short instructional videos with the Wacom Cintiq tablet and ScreenFlow.

Three programs were used to present and annotate the material (PowerPoint, Open-Sankoré, and OmniDazzle. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. ScreenFlow was used to record each of the videos.


PowerPoint is a familiar tool to most faculty. The annotation option within Powerpoint is fairly basic (red felt tip pen or ballpoint pen) but it works. PowerPoint allows for dynamic transitions and animations. The annotation option needs to be activated on a slide-by-slide basis, but this can be activated by one of the buttons on the tablet.


Open-Sankoré is a free tool (you can downed it here). It is not quite as stable as PowerPoint (it crashes occasionally), but has a richer set of annotation tools. The animations and transition that might be used in PowerPoint presentation are lost, and individual slides are imported as a folder of images. However, Open-Sankoré has a rich set of annotation tools (pen, highlighter, line, zoom, etc.) with the option to change pen color and nib thickness. In most cases this would be the best tool for faculty to use. The ScreenFlow recording can be cropped to remove the tool interface from the exported recording.

Open Sankore
The process we are currently using to import PowerPoint is as follows:

  • In PowerPoint, click on "File / Save As PIctures" to save the PowerPoint presentation as a folder containing a series of images.
  • Select "PNG" as your "Format"
  • Click on "Options" and change the "Width" to "1080" and "Height" to "810"
  • Click on "OK"
  • Click on "Save" (your folder of images is now created)
  • In Open-Sankoré, choose your preferred background (blank or graph paper)
  • Click on "Documents"
  • Click on "Add / Add Folder Of Images"
  • Browse to the folder of PNG images and click "Choose" (you may have to wait a while for all the slides to import)
  • Rename the folder of images to something meaningful


OmniDazzle is another free tool that can be utilized in annotated videos. The Scribble mode allows faculty to draw on top of any element displayed on the computer screen.
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