Thursday, January 28, 2010

GOMC: Student Guide now available

Google has just posted the Students Guide for the Google Online Marketing Challenge. The GOMC is a major part of MKT 595 (taught in the Spring Quarter), and is a fantastic learning opportunity. In 2009, 2187 student teams from 57 countries competed in the Google Online Marketing Challenge. The global winner was from Deakin University, Australia. The team of Andrew Kidd, Richard Blakely, Kevin Fung, Clinton Hinze, Katalin Kish and Howard Lien was taught by Chia Yao Lee and Bardo Fraunholz, and worked with a local indoor play centre, The 2009 Americas winner came from James Madison University, and was taught by Theresa Flaherty. The team of Rachel Bruton, Meredith Rauh and Brandon Sockwell, worked with a local tour operator, In 2008, over 1600 student teams competed in the GOMC. The global winner was from University of Western Australia and was taught Dr. Fang Liu. The team of Aaron Balm, Lauren Bobridge, Amy Smith, Victor Tsen and Arina Usikov worked with a local rock-climbing centre, The 2008 Americas winner came from Pennsylvania State University and was taught by Jim Jansen. The team of Caroline Furey, Joe Lewis, Matthew Maisel, Daehee Park and Tonya Podkuiko worked with a local tourism and information site, DePaul has competed in the GOMC every year, with several teams in each MKT 595 class: The MKT595 2009 ranking was:
  • 2731472472: Good Campaign
  • 8491639672: Fair Campaign
  • 9725648323: Good Campaign
  • 9831632978: Good Campaign
The MKT 595 2008 ranking was:
  • 1931930990: Campaign Ineligible
  • 5442838437: Americas Semi-Finalist
  • 5915469286: Americas Semi-Finalist
  • 7359031935: Good Campaign
  • 7916983884: Fair Campaign

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Google Online Marketing Challenge

I am planning on using the Google Online Marketing Challenge in MKT 595: Internet Marketing. Google has just sent me link to the documentation:

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