Susanna S. Epp 

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Department of Mathematical Sciences
DePaul University
2320 N. Kenmore
Chicago, IL 60614

Office: Schmidt Academic Center 520
Telephone: (773) 325-4880
Fax: (773) 325-7807
E-mail: sepp followed by ("at" symbol)

Autumn 2013 Course

MAT 660 Discrete Structures for Mathematics Teachers

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Resource Page for Discrete Mathematics with Applications, 3rd Edition

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Ph.D. (Mathematics) University of Chicago, 1968
          (Dissertation Title: Submodules of Cayley Algebras, Advisor: Irving Kaplansky)
M.S. (Mathematics) University of Chicago, 1965
B.A. with highest distinction (Mathematics) Northwestern University, 1964

Selected Publications

Examining the Role of Logic in Teaching Proof.  In Proof and Proving in Mathematics Education, G. Hanna & M. de Villiers, Eds. Springer Publishing, pp. 369-389, 2012. (co-authors: V. Durand-Guerrier, P. Boero, N. Douek, D. Tanguay)

Argumentation and Proof in the Mathematics Classroom. In Proof and Proving in Mathematics Education, G. Hanna & M. de Villiers, Eds. Springer Publishing, pp. 349-367, 2012. (co-authors: V. Durand-Guerrier, P. Boero, N. Douek, D. Tanguay)

Variables in Mathematics Education. In Tools for Teaching Logic. Blackburn, P.; van Ditmarsch, H.; Manzano, M.; Soler-Toscano, F., eds. Springer Publishing, 2011. (Preprint) Reprinted in The Best Writing on Mathematics 2012, M. Pitici, Ed., Princeton Univ. Press, 2012.

Proof Issues with Existential Quantification. In Proof and Proving in Mathematics Education: ICMI Study 19 Conference Proceedings, F. L. Lin et al eds., National Taiwan Normal University, 2009.

The Use of Logic in Teaching Proof. In Resources for Teaching Discrete Mathematics. B. Hopkins, ed. Washington, DC: Mathematical Association of America, 2009, pp. 313-322. (Preprint)

Taking Place Value Seriously: Arithmetic, Estimation, and Algebra (with Roger Howe), Resouces for PMET (Preparing Mathematicians to Educate Teachers), MAA Online, 2008.

Undergraduate Programs and Courses in the Mathematical Sciences: CUPM Curriculum Guide 2004, Washington, D.C.: The Mathematical Association of America, 2004. (Co-author with Harriet Pollatsek et al.) Click here to link to the Internet version of the book. Click here for a brief article about the curriculum guide. 

The Role of Logic in Teaching Proof, American Mathematical Monthly (110)10, Dec. 2003, 886-899. (The American Mathematical Monthly, all rights reserved.)

Discrete Mathematics with Applications, 4th Edition, Boston, MA: Brooks/Cole Publishing Company, 2004. (1st Edition, Belmont: CA: Wadsworth Publishing Company, 1990, 2nd Edition. Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole Publishing Company, 1995, 3rd Edition, Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole Publishing Company, 2004.)
Report on the NCTM Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (with Kenneth Ross). In FOCUS, The Newsletter of the Mathematical Association of America, August-September 2000.

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