For Faculty

Are You A Multilingual Writer?

The UCWbL provides free copy-editing and indexing services for DePaul faculty and staff. We offer these services in English as well as other languages, depending on the expertise of our current staff. If you are interested in learning about our faculty and staff writing services, please contact Lauri Dietz at

Do You Have Multilingual Students?

Multilingual students can enhance any learning environment because they help diversify the types of linguistic and cultural artifacts that can be incorporated into classes. To discuss specific ways you might adapt your pedagogical strategies and assignments to create multilingual opportunities to enhance all students’ learning experiences, please contact Mark Lazio at

Looking for Support for Students Who are English Language Learners?

Reading, thinking, speaking, and writing in English at the college-level is no easy task even for native English speakers. The UCWbL and CMWR offer a range of services, such as individual appointments at the Writing Center, Writing Groups, and Workshops, to help all students, including English Language Learners, better meet the demands and expectations of the university community. For specific questions and recommendations about how best to support English Language Learners in your classes, please contact Mark Lazio at