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Technology Tuesdays take place the last Tuesday of each month. These are informal, internal presentations for DePaul University faculty and staff, focusing on educational technology and best practices for online and blended learning.

All sessions run from Noon - 1PM in DPC 7406 on the 7th Floor of the DePaul Center (unless noted otherwise).

Zoom: Tips, Best Practices, and Hacks

Zoom is an enterprise video/web conferencing and collaboration solution for all of DePaul's faculty, staff, and student employees. Zoom can integrate with D2L, as well as Outlook email and calendars. You can use it to connect to traditional Polycom videoconference systems, bring remote presenters to youre classes, or to replace face-to-face committee meetings.

In this practical session we will cover:

  • Zoom’s history, and what it does.
  • The competition: Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting , Skype, and TeamViewer.
  • How to use it in a DePaul classroom to connect to remote presenters (and students).
  • How to record classroom content.
  • How to edit and share recordings with your students.
  • How to create reoccurring meetings.
  • How to use the automated transcripts.
  • How to annotate your presentations (and let your students do this too).
  • Best practices.
  • Hacks: remote presentations, sharing screens, and image filters.

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