United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
MDGs 2009 ReportMDGs 2010 Summit 20-22 Sept at UN

7 July 2007 marks the midpoint of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) target period.
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All 192 UN Member States have pledged to meet these goals by the year 2015

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Millennium Development Goals
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1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
2. Achieve universal primary education
3. Promote gender equality
4. Reduce child mortality
5. Improve maternal health
6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, other diseases
7. Ensure environmental sustainability
8. Develop global partnerships for development

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Selected updates 3 May 2010
United Nations System
Private Sector

United Nations Millennium Declaration
Resolution adopted by the General Assembly, 8 September 2000.

Millennium Development Goals

Official website
Millennium Development Goals

General information on MDG activities, including press releases and reports; webcasts of UN/MDG events; fact sheets; country reports; stats on MDGs achievements.
Millennium Project

United Nations Global Compact
Largest corporate social responsibility organization with 7,700+ businesses, NGOs and universities.

Business, Competitiveness and Development
World Bank Insitute
Business, NGOs and Development -- Strategic Engagement to Meet the Millennium Development Goals conference: 10-11 April, 2006. Videos of speeches and reports.

Growing Sustainable Business
UNDP facilitates business-led enterprise solutions to poverty reduction.

More than 1,400 NGOs are affiliated with United Nations Headquarters NGO Section and many have MDGs programs.

Following are a sample of NGOs working on the MDGs.

Amnesty International

Amnesty and the MDGs

Selected Reports

MDGs First Annual Ministerial Review (AMR) : 3-4 July 2007 at Geneva

United Nations Millennium Declaration
Resolution adopted by the General Assembly, 8 September 2000.

REPORTS: Secretary-General on Millennium+5: In Larger Freedom: Towards Security, Development and Human Rights for All and the Report of the Secretary-General's High-level Panel on Threats, Challenges and Change entitled "A more secure world: Our shared responsibility." 21 March 2005.

UN World Summit 2005 (14-16 Sept.)
Videos, documents.

2005 World Summit
UN Millennium Campaign report.

Base of the Pyramid Protocol
Pioneering business model that enables multinational corporations (MNCs) to generate new business by selling to people in developing countries --- at the "base" of the pyramid.
-- SC Johnson in Kenya
-- Solae (DuPont) in India

Oxfam, GB, Novib (Oxfam Netherlands)
Exploring the Links Between International Business and Poverty Reduction: A Case Study of Unilever in Indonesia
Explores the potential links between international business and poverty reduction.

World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
Some 180 international companies in a shared commitment to sustainable development through economic growth, ecological balance and social progress.

World Resources Institute
Development Through Enterprise
Interviews: BOP -- Shell Foundation, Stuart Hart, healthcare, technology
BLOG: NextBillion.net for business development aimed towards eradicating poverty.

Children of the Earth, Inc.
Youth to Youth The Bear Hug Projects
US children give teady bears with notes to children in devastated areas.

A portal on Southern civil societies
In depth: MDGs
Extensive links on MDGs including indigenous peoples.

European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development
CONCORD is 19 international networks and 22 national associations from European Member States and candidate countries represent more than 1600 European NGOs vis-à-vis European Institutions.

Concern and the MDGs
Based in Ireland, Concern works on food security issues.

Background Legislation and Reports

Selected resolutions adopted by two of the main bodies - General Assembly (GA) and the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) - of the United Nations. Secretary-General's reports, submitted annually to the GA, on the progress in implementing the MDGs.

Business Ethics online magazine
Interview – Spreading the Capitalist Dream to the World’s Poorest:
A conversation with Stuart Hart about bringing capitalist know-how to the world’s 4 billion poorest.
Debt AIDS Trade Africa
Bono's NGO to aid Africa.

Environic Foundation International (EFI)

Education for Sustainable Societies
Most comprehensive sustainable development program for college/university students. Covers 25 environment issues. Is training the planet's next generation of scientists.

United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service
MDGs Portal
Actions by UN, governments, civil society. Wealth of information.

Dutch Multinationals - ABN AMRO, DSM, Heinekan
BOP Seminar with Sturart Hart 14 Apr. 2006, speeches

Shell Foundation
Director Kurt Hoffman, Ending poverty starts with enterprise not charity, 18 April 2006 (speech)

Challenge 2015
News about the MDGs.

REPORT: Meeting the MDG of gender parity in basic education
"...65 million girls around the world are being denied their right to education. That’s as many as all school-age girls in North America and Europe."

UN Millennium Project
Directed by Jeffrey Sachs, Earth Institute of Columbia University and Special Advisor to the Secretary-General on the MDGs.

Investing in Development
REPORT: A Practical Plan to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals
by Jeffrey Sachs, 17 January 2005

BOOK: The End of Poverty
by Jeffrey Sachs
Sachs describes his years of development work and his current work on implementing the MDGs.

BOOK: The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid
by C.K. Prahalad

BOOK: Capitalism at the Crossroads: The Unlimited Business Opportunities in Solving the World's Most Difficult Problems
by Stuart Hart

Cornell University
Base of the Pyramid initiative is a consortium of leaders from companies, NGOs, multilateral organizations, and universities to create win-win solutions to expand development of the world's poorest people and communities in ways that are culturally appropriate and environmentally sustainable.

University of Michigan
William Davidson Institute's Base of the Pyramid Initiative making markets work for the poor.

American Council for Voluntary International Action
MDGs campaign. Sells MDGs greeting cards (set of 8) for $1. Bi-weekly newsletter provides in-depth news and commentary on global trends that affect relief, refugee and development work + US Congress info.

International Water and Sanitation Centre (IRC), Delft, The Netherlands
Monitoring Millennium Development Goals for Water and Sanitation: a review of experiences and challenges

UN, World Bank, OECD
Gender Equality and the Millennium Development Goals

Reports, books, speeches on gender issues.

BOOK: Business Solutions for the Global Poor
by V. Kasturi Rangan, et al, 2007 (by Harvard faculty)




MDGs Global Watch
MDGs Global Watch functions as an awareness enhancer with regards toMDGs, but also works on assisting, linking, and monitoring processes toward achievement of these goals on a global scale, through activity development, project participations, networking, meeting attendances, project follow ups, and regular publicity campaigns pertaining to MDGs, including an annual global progress report.

Net Aid
An initiative of Mercy Corps click on a globe to view a list of organizations where you can learn more and take action.

UN Population Fund
UNFPA and the MDGs
UNFPA, the 2005 World Summit and the Millennium Development Goals.

Asian Development Bank
A multilateral development finance institution dedicated to reducing poverty in Asia and the Pacific.

One Village, One World
One Village, One World
Strategy is to pool collective resources of any given group or community to sponsor an African village living in extreme poverty, consistent with achieving MDGs through Millennium Promise so that a positive turnaround can occur cost-effectively within 5 years. Donate $50 per villager, per year, and you can be a part of ending extreme global poverty.
United Nations Volunteers
Millennium Development Goals and Volunteering
Information on volunteerism, sports, actions, voices, and how to contribute.
One World
One World.net
Description of MDGs and aid by each county description. Updated regularly every 3-4 months. Topic Guides include aid, capacity building, child labor, gender, microcredit, etc.
MDGNet is a knowledge network, led and hosted by UNDP, that supports all Development Partners striving to achieve MDGs. Through this network, participants are invited to exchange creative approaches to MDG advocacy, monitoring and reporting, share good practices and lessons learned, circulate information on MDG related events, and share expertise with the preparation of the MDG Reports as well as MDG related analytical and operational activities.

African Countries
African countries work on the MDGs and regional news.

Asian Countries
Asian countries work on the MDGs
and regional news.

European Countries
European countries work on the MDGs
and regional news.

Oxfam and the MDGs
Working to end poverty around the world. Through Global Call to Action to End Poverty (GCAP), Oxfam is a part of a global movement working together to ensure that the Millennium Development Goals are reached by 2015.

Save the Children

Work on MDGs - Search MDGs.



Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
OECD and the MDGs
Social Watch
International network of 400+ NGOs devoted to monitoring fulfillment of national, regional and international commitments for eradicating poverty.
Report 2005: "Roars and Whispers: Gender and Poverty: promises vs. action"

Gender Equity Index (GEI) for 2004-2007
New Study: Countries Do Not Need To Be Rich to Treat Women Fairly. The GEI ranks countries
according to social indicators analyzing economic activity, women's empowerment and educaton.
Human Development Report 2003

by UN Development Programme
Millennium Development Goals: A compact among nations to end human poverty.

Latin America and the Caribbean Countries
Latin America and the Caribbean countries work on the MDGs
and regional news.

North American Countries
North America works on the MDGs and regional news.

Stop Child Poverty
Stop Child Poverty works at grassroots level to raise awareness of child poverty worldwide, and to help everyday world citizens make a difference in lives of children in need. Works to promote MDGs to halve extreme poverty by 2015.
Achieving the Millennium Development Goals
by UN Population Fund (UNFPA)

United Kingdom
Department for International Development

Ocean countries work on the MDGs
and regional news.

World Volunteer Web
World Volunteer Web
Documents how volunteers worldwide are contributing to the achievement of each of the MDG goals.
Millennium Indicators Database
A framework of 8 goals, 18 targets and 48 indicators to measure progress towards the MDGs adopted by a consensus of experts from the United Nations Secretariat and IMF, OECD and the World Bank.
United States
Millennium Challenge Corporation
January 2004, Congress passed "new compact for global development" which links greater contributions from developed nations to greater responsibility from developing nations. FY05
is funded at $2.5 Bil. for selected poor countries.
World Volunteer Web - US
World Volunteer Web US
Information about US programs.
UN Programmes
UN Specialized Agencies
Faith-based NGOs

UNCHS (UN-Habitat)
UN Centre for Human Settlements and MDG
Responsible for assisting Member States to monitor and gradually attain the Cities Without Slums target, also known as Target 11.

United Nations Children's Fund
Search for MDGs. Many links to drinking water, sanitation, regions and countries, including Pakistan, Ethiopian Teenagers' Forum Recommendations and action plan on the MDGs, Kenya, etc.
The State of the World's Children 2004: MDGs

Comprehensive list of MDGs work by UN system.
List of UN Programmes and Agencies

Food and Agriculture Organization
Promotes agriculture, nutrition, forestry, fisheries and rural development, and working to achievement of the World Food Summit goal of eradicating hunger.

International Monetary Fund
IMF and the MDGs
Numerous links.

Bread for the World Institute
Millennium Challenge Account

Overview of MCA, hunger and poverty statistics by country, etc.

Catholic Agency for Overseas Development
Millennium Development Goals: Making the World a better place.
Resources for teachers teaching about the MDGs.

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
Search for MDGs. Numerous links.

United Nations Development Programme
Coordinating global and national MDGs efforts
UNDP, as the UN's global development network, links and coordinates global and national efforts to reach the MDGs.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and
Cultural Organization

Summary of UNESCO's contribution to the
pursuit of the MDGs.

UNESCO Institute for Statistics
Lead agency for the collection of data and indicators for Goals 2 & 3 - Universal Primary Education and Gender Equality.
Caritas International Cooperation for Development and Solidarity
MDGs projects.
United Nations Environment Programme
Search for MDGs. Many links on environment issues.

United Nations Industrial Development Organization
UNIDO and the MDGs.

Episcopal Relief and Development
ERD and the MDGs
Addressing the range of development issues set forth in the MDGs.

United Nations Population Fund
ICPD & MDG FOLLOWUP: Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
Search for MDGs.
Numerous links.

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
MDGs and human rights.

World Bank
The World Bank Group
Search for MDGs. Numerous links.

World Bank MDGs
Extensive information on each goal and work in regions.

Moving Out of Poverty Global study on bottom-up factors and processes that shape people’s access to economic opportunities.

PovertyNet Newsletter Monthly

Poverty Maps

Christian action with the world's poor.
MDGs - Relieving suffering and offering hope is at the heart of Tearfund’s vision.

CEDAW, Beijing and the MDGs
REPORT: Pathway to Gender Equality,
pdf file. Outlines how CEDAW and Beijing Platform can be used as a lens to understand and address gender equality dimensions of the MDGs.

World Bank
PovertyNet: Guide to Poverty Alleviation Organizations and Resources Across the Web
PovertyNet links to this MDGs website.

UN World Food Program
Food-Force Game
Email Newsletter, Interactive Food Map

World Health Organization
Search for MDGs. Numerous links.
Youth NGOs
AllAfrica Foundation
Based in Mauritius, leading source of online news and information about Africa; in partnership with over 100 African media organizations.Will produce multimedia series of news and reports to show realities of each goal.
Chicago Promise
Chicago Promise
is a city-wide effort to raise money for a Millennium Village in Kenya and raise awareness locally about extreme poverty in Africa. Works in partnership with Millennium Promise, a leading non-profit organization working to end extreme poverty in Africa.

CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation and Millennium Development Goals Campaign Office

Campaigning Toolkit for Civil Society Organisations engaged in the Millennium Development Goals

30 Hour Famine
30 Hour Famine is an international youth movement to fight hunger.

Arab Youth Directory

Arab Youth Directory Community
Online discussions, newsletter, events, etc.

Based in Madrid, leading Spanish-language news agency and leading news provider in Latin America. Focuses on opinions of government representatives, NGO leaders, and private citizens in Latin America.

Earth Institute of Columbia University
Earth Institute of Columbia University
Supports pioneering projects in earth, biological, engineering, social and health sciences, while actively encouraging interdisciplinary projects in pursuit of solutions to real world problems. Conducts research and runs innovative projects.

Sign petition "Climate Change Statement of Principles"
See "Climate Facts"

Chat the Planet
ChatThe Planet

Television show and internet community that connects groups of young Americans (ages 15 to 25) with their peers around the world, via satellite.

CyberSchool Bus

Youth and MDGs
Youth events calendar, tool kit, successful youth-led projects, etc.
Inside The Earth Institute e-newsletter
Inside The Earth Institute
monthly e-newsletter on research, news, special events, projects by the institute, including climate research. Video messages and audio slide show.

Fair Share Campaign
Fair Share Campaign
Australian aid agencies call on their Government to do their fair share
for the world’s poor to achieve the Millennium Development Goals --
to halve global poverty by 2015.

Global Youth Action Network
GYAN facilitates youth participation and intergenerational partnership in global decision-making; to support collaboration among diverse youth organizations; and to provide tools, resources, and recognition for positive youth action.
InterPress Service News Agency
Development Deadline 2015
News on MDGs and development issues. In 12 languages. Free weekly Development Deadline 2015 newsletter. Links to related articles, covers regional issues that underpin each goal, opinions and editorials.

Global Call to Action Campaign
Global Call to Action Campaign
Wear the white band!

Made up of dozens of national campaigns around the world, building on existing networks, and their strategies and activities to end extreme poverty. Each country uses a different title for its coalition. Newsletter, tracks trade negotiations, etc.

Imagine Nations
Imagine Nations sees young people as problem solvers, as active players in helping their communities and countries achieve the MDGs.

International Young Catholic Students


2.5 million students in 80+ countries.
UN Chronicle magazine
UN Chronicle
Quarterly magazine from UN headquarters that reports on UN issues. Covers MDGs in each issue. Print version available in Arabic, English, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish.
Online in English.
Joint Campaign Initiative in 2005
Campaign: G8 countries meeting, July 2005.
Calls on governments of G8 countries to double aid, improve aid quality, cancel debts that prevent the achievement of the MDGs, end dumping and let developing countries protect their farmers.
Millennium Campaign (Youth actions)
Whose Doing What
Through partnerships with several global youth networks and organizations, the Campaigns encourage youth led movements across the world on the goals.

TRENDS 2005 -- An interactive presentation for the "Human Development Report 2005" by UNDP. Making sense of the world by having fun with statistics!

free software for a world in motion.


Millennium Campaign
Who's Doing What
Lists civil society, faith-based organizations, media, UN, parliaments, trade unions, youth.
Millennium Campaign
Informs, inspires and encourages people’s involvement and action for realization of the MDGs. An initiative of the UN, the Campaign supports citizens’ efforts to hold their government to account for the Millennium promise.

Country by Country
Info on campaigns in each region and various countries.

Millennium Promise
Millennium Promise
Focuses on Millennium Villages and
Quick Wins - donate
$10 anti-malaria bednet
$25 lunch for 4 months
$50 rechargeable florescent lamp

Nick 2015 Initiative, is a multi-platform campaign aimed at raising awareness to end poverty and get kids involved in the realization of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Pacific Youth Assert Voice for the Future
May 2005, youth from 13 Pacific Islands develop National Action Plans to guide their follow-up work and engagement with existing National MDG Task Forces set up by each government.

An international organization led by youth and enabled by technology organizing the world's youth in support of the MDGs.
MDG CARD GAME: Test your knowledge of the MDGs; play the Taking it Global MDG game, and spread the word.

 Make Poverty History
Make Poverty History (Global Call to Action against Poverty campaign in UK)
Works for trade, justice, drop the debt, more and better aid.

Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign
People, communities, business and industry, civil society organizations and governments are encouraged to enter tree planting pledges online with the objective of planting at least one billion trees worldwide during 2007.

The ONE Campaign
One Campaign (
Global Call to Action against Poverty Campaign in US). Promotes fair trade, debt relief, fighting corruption and directing an additional one percent of the U.S. budget toward meeting basic needs -- education, health, clean water, food, and care for orphans -- would transform the futures and hopes of an entire generation in the poorest countries.
UNFPA Supporting Adolescents and Youth
Supporting Adolescents and Youth
UNFPA follows the definitions below:
- A
dolescents: 10-19 year olds (early adolescence 10-14 and late adolescence 15-19)
- Youth: 15-24 year olds
- Young People: 10-24 year olds

UNICEF Voices of Youth

Children speak, country issues, facts, etc.

Youth at the United Nations
Youth at UN
Programme on Youth is the focal point within the United Nations system on matters relating to MDGs and youth issues.
Virtual Library on International Development
Includes topics, countries, regions, organizations, Development Reference Desk
Rights Action Campaign
Global call to actions against poverty
Information, posters, ideas, and reports on global actions.
Youth of the World
Youth of the World
Ways youth are taking part in the MDGs.

United States Development Assistance

US Millennium Challenge Corporation
In January 2004, Congress passed a "new compact for global development" called for by President Bush which links greater contributions from developed nations to greater responsibility from developing nations.
FY05 is funded at $2.5 Bil. for selected developing countries.
OECDOrganisation for Economic Cooperation and Development is a great resource with information and statistics on development aid.
OECD: Dev. Assit. Com.OECD: Development Assistance Committee (DAC)
OECD: US OECD ReviewOECD: peer reviews of countries and their aid programs. US was reviewed in 2002 and here is the report.
OECD: Chart on US AidOECD: Chart from that report that shows where US development aid goes.
Jeffrey Sachs, Esquire article
pdf file, 8pp.
Jeffrey Sachs, Esquire magazine, May 2004, article is a good counter perspective to President Bush. It is long, but inspiring at the end!  Located at Earth Institute at Columbia University (http://www.earthinstitute.columbia.edu/), Jeffrey Sachs is the director.
International Conference on Financing for Development
(Monterey Conference)
Report of the International Conference on Financing for Development, Monterey, Mexico, 18-22 March 2002 where they adopted the Monterey Consensus: pages 2-16 are the actual consensus, and page 9, paragraph 42 is where it specifically outlines the .07% development aid goal. Pages 19 - 20 list those countries in attendance, including the United States
UN CFD Follow-upUN website for the follow-up process to the CFD where you can find a lot of information on development aid.
US Dept of State, International Assistance Programs, 2005 budget proposal Allocations proposed for the Department of State and International Assistance Programs in President Bush’s budget proposal for 2005. If you scroll close to the bottom there is a chart that shows spending in 2003 for all International Assistance Programs was $18.675 Billion and proposed spending for 2005 for all International Assistance Programs is $19.336 Billion.
US Development Aid (USAID) Good information, both policies and figures, on US development aid at USAID website.
US Dept of CommerceInformation on the US GDP and GNP can be found at the Department of Commerce.  From the most recent of these statistics the current GNP is $11,676.6 Billion.
Doing the math !So math (figures from the above US government websites) says that $19.336 Billion (proposed US aid in FY05 budget) $11,676.6 Billion (FY04 Q2 GNP) = .0016 or .16%.  It also says that 0.7% of $11,676.6 Billion = $81.736 Billion in development aid promised. That leaves the US $62.4 Billion short on our promise. $81.736 Billion is just 3.4% of the total proposed US government budget of $2,400 Billion in FY05.
The New Global Aid-Defense StandardThis article (From 2002) has some good information on global development aid and US compared to the other developed countries. There is an emerging global standard set by industrialized countries which spend $1 on aid for every $7 they spend on defense. If the United States were to follow this standard, it would have to commit about $48 billion to foreign aid each year.” Check out the table!
Center for Defense InformationGood information on the defense budget and US military spending here.

Where your Income Tax Money Really

One group's analysis of where American tax dollars really go.

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