Peer Writing Tutor Roles at the UCWbL

The UCWbL's peer writing tutors are DePaul University undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni. They represent a broad cross-section of the University community and bring with them diverse writing traditions and backgrounds. The UCWbL's peer writing tutors have 3 main roles: Writing Center Tutors, Writing Fellows, and Writing Group Leaders.

Many UCWbL peer writing tutors work in 2 or 3 of these roles in a given quarter or across an academic year. Each of these peer writing tutor roles is vital to our work at the UCWbL.

In each role, peer writing tutors approach drafts as engaged, interested readers who give writers an opportunity to see how their writing connects with an authentic audience. Peer writing tutors are not expected to have expertise in all content areas or any given content area, but rather to work with writers to find credible discipline- or genre-specific answers to their questions about writing.

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