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CardZort Zone

Before you download the program, please be aware that CardZort is NOT free software.

If you are interested in using the software for professional purposes, you are welcome to test it for 30 days. If you are interested in a version without expiration, you must purchase a license. Contact me for licensing information.

I will appreciate if you provide me your comments and experiences with the program, it will be of great help. Just fill out the feedback form or send me an e-mail. Any comments are welcome.

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If you have installed the software in the past, you don't need to download the full setup. Instead, just download the .exe files and overwrite the old ones.
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Latest updates to the executables

July 1, 2003 The issue with the date format is now fixed
May 1, 2003 CardZort now prints 8 cards/page instead of 3


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CardZort Zone

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