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CardZort Zone

IBM's EZSort (Beta release)
EZSort is a computer application that also does card sorting and cluster analysis.

Jakob Nielsen’s Web
Jakob Nielsen used card sorting for creating the 1994's version of Sun Microsystems' internal pages.

This is a French company that uses card sorting as part of their usability methods offered to customers.

Web usability research at Microsoft
This article mentions card sorting as a technique for web site organization at Microsoft.

Step two designs
This is a company in Australia that has a good description of the card sorting technique.

Information & Design
Another company in Australia with a description of the card sorting technique.

United Airlines Project
Did you know that the website of UA was constructed using card sorting as part of the design process?

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Short description of the card sorting technique in an article for usability testing of World Wide Web Sites.

Usability First
Another company that provides card sorting as a useful technique for content organization.


CardZort Zone

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