ITS/IS BB1 Blackboard Basics

Tutorial BB1 is divided into 15 segments. The video segments are embedded here in this page for your convenience. A 78-page study guide carrying a printed picture of each screen in all 15 segments of this tutorial can be downloaded in .pdf form (23 Mb.) by
clicking here.

BB1 segment 0 (8.5 minutes)      
Getting started quick! Basic web site organization and cleanups

BB1 segment 1 (6.5 minutes)      
Logging in, labeling courses with academic year and term in your MyCourses box

BB1 segment 2 (9.2 minutes)      
Course and menu button organization, Announcements graphic page banner

BB1 segment 3 (5.2 minutes)      
How to post Announcements, and Announcements pro and con

BB1 segment 4 (4.0 minutes)      
The course roster, and how to add students to your Blackboard course

BB1 segment 5 (2.7 minutes)      
Menu button readability and how to maximize it

BB1 segment 6 (5.1 minutes)      
Changing menu button names, hiding menu buttons, and removing menu buttons

BB1 segment 7 (4.1 minutes)      
Adding Content Area (folder) menu buttons

BB1 segment 8 (7.9 minutes)      
Adding Tool Link and External Link (web link) menu buttons

BB1 segment 9 (5.7 minutes)      
Graphic Page Banners and how to use them to improve visual interest    (HOT TOPIC!)

BB1 segment 10a (8.8 minutes)      
Embedding video segments into Announcements and content pages     (HOT TOPIC!)

BB1 segment 10b (3.1 minutes)      
Real-life example of video and still picture embedded in an announcement     (HOT TOPIC!)

BB1 segment 11 (6.3 minutes)      
Installing CutePDF and posting .pdf documents (and why this is recommended!)

BB1 segment 12 (7.7 minutes)      
Content and External Link (web link) changes

BB1 segment 13 (5.0 minutes)      
Using folders in content menu buttons, changing item sequence

BB1 segment 14 (5.1 minutes)      
E-mailing students using Blackboard

BB1 segment 15 (4.1 minutes)      
Making courses available to students, requesting copying of a course to a new term

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