The Anchorage Team

Course DS420
Fall 1998
Instructor Dr C.Elliott
Depaul University

Prakhar Bansal Kalpana Somasekar Rupa Sridhar Abhirami Sundaram

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Active Server Pages (ASP), is an open, compile-free application environment in which you can combine HTML pages, scripts, and ActiveX server components to create powerful Web-based business solutions.

One of the challenges faced by Web developers is creating a coherent application out of a series of independent Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) pages. This problem is a particular concern in Web development because Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is a stateless protocol. Each browser request to a Web server is independent, and the server retains no memory of a browser's past requests. The HTTP 1.0 protocol did not provide a mechanism to maintain state information between requests from a browser.

To overcome this limitation, application developers require a technique to provide consistent user sessions on the Web. Active Server Pages (ASP) provides powerful and flexible Web session management that requires no special programming. The Session object, one of the intrinsic objects supported by ASP, provides a developer with a complete Web session management solution.

In this project,we have tried to explore some typical scenario-based development challenges, and how you can use Active Server Pages (ASP) and server scripting to overcome them with an application. You'll see how to effectively use client scripting to make your pages more interactive and responsive to users.

For more information about ASP and PROJECT DETAILS click here ASP

Note: Project demo was contributed equally by all the team members
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