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Acc103, Acc204, Acc206: Undergraduate financial accounting.

Acc500, Acc541, Acc543: Graduate financial accounting.

Acc501 - Financial Reporting: This special financial accounting course is designed for finance or accounting MBAs considering either the CFA or the CMA examination. It provides an overview of earnings per share, revenue recognition, deferred tax liabilities, pensions, leases, accounting changes, and cash flows in addition to advanced coverage of the major asset, liability and equity accounts.

Acc576 - Valuation Practices: Business valuation is a rapidly growing field. The first half of the course provides an overview of popular practices currently being used to value privately held firms, including a discussion of the discounts and premiums which play a prominent role in these valuations. A significant number of illuminating court cases dealing with valuation issues are discussed. During the second half of the course the concept of "fair market value," and its measurement, will be emphasized and studied in a variety of carefully selected contexts requiring considerable, or limited, general tax knowledge. Where necessary, relevant tax rules will be clearly described and explained.

"Of all the terms used in the federal tax laws, few are as important as 'value' and 'fair market value.'" Bogdanski, John A. Federal Tax Valuation, Warren, Gorham & Lamont, 1996.

Acc587 - Accounting Information & Capital Markets: Focuses on how investors and creditors use, perceive, and react to accounting information as reported in the professional and academic capital market literature. In the first half of the course, lectures and carefully constructed computer assignments are designed to assure that all students have sufficient understanding of the relevant issues. Carefully selected relevant topics are covered during the second half of the course.

GSB798 - Financial Statement Analysis: Offers insights into the vulnerability of accounting information presented in financial statements. Carefully analyzes short-term liquidity, capital structure, financial solvency, and sustainable growth using methods currently recommended by CFAs. Strong emphasis on cases taken from actual corporations.


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