The Children's Understanding & Behavior Lab

Welcome to the Cub Lab at DePaul University! Here we conduct research with infants and children to learn about how they perceive their social world, including how they learn to recognize emotions, predict future behaviors, and become good social partners. Our studies are engaging and fun - We use cutting-edge technology, like eye-tracking, to gain insight into what infants and children think about the world around them.

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Research Director

Sheila Krogh-Jespersen, Ph.D.

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Our Location

We are located on DePaul University's Lincoln Park Campus in Byrne Hall Room 501 (on the 5th floor). We provide free parking in the lot next to our building during your study appointment.

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To Participate:

To learn more about the studies we are currently conducting, please contact us either by phone: 773-325-4242 or email: or click the link below

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