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Steve Vining After graduating with a degree in music from DePaul University, Steve Vining traveled nationally with the band “Devotion” for several years. It was there that he worked with singing star “Basia”. After returning to school and earning a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Steve began taking advanced classes in music arranging and recording. He studied with the top jingle producers and with the well-known jazz bassist Larry Gray. He then opened his own studio and record label, “True Audio Group” where he currently records Chicago area artists.

Telling Visions, his latest CD, provides an outstanding musical experience by the vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. It also includes the talents of the most respected jingle players in Chicago, as well as national recording artists Howard Levy and Danny Gottlieb. It has complex rhythms and chord structures bordering on jazz fusion, while at the same time maintaining a catchy pop style with thought provoking poetry. The CD explores the soul searching themes of life, death, love, and eternity, leaving the listener inspired as well as entertained.