Midwest Algebra and Representation Theory Conference

DePaul University, December 1-2, 2001
10:30AM-6PM, Room 1006, DePaul Center (Sat)
     9:00AM-3:00PM, Room 8005, DePaul Center (Sun)

As a part of the Midwest Algebra Seminar that was announced recently, the Mathematics Department at DePaul University is organizing a Midwest Algebra and Representation Theory Conference on December 1-2, 2001. The event will talk place at the Loop Campus, in downtown Chicago. All inquiries should be directed to Stefan Catoiu at scatoiu@condor.depaul.edu.

We have negotiated an $89/night S/D room rate with Congress Plaza Hotel, which is within walking distance of the conference site. This rate will be available for reservations made until November 9, 2001. For reservations, please dial 1-800-635-1666 MEETINGS AT DEPAUL, and quote the name of the conference.

The organizers:
Allan Berele, Jeff Bergen, Stefan Catoiu, Bill Chin, Barbara Cortzen, Jerry Goldman, Leonid Krop,
Department of Mathematics, DePaul University, 2320 N. Kenmore Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614.