Midwest Conference on Lie Algebras

And Related Topics*

DePaul University, October 6-7, 2001

DePaul University will host a Lie Algebras and Related Topics Conference, on October 6-7, 2001. This is a part of a sequence of bi-annual Midwest conferences that was initiated by Georgia Benkart at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The conference will be held at the Loop Campus, in downtown Chicago. We plan to continue the conference with a permanent monthly Midwest Algebra Seminar. If you are interested to attend the conference and/or any of our seminars, please contact Stefan Catoiu at scatoiu@condor.depaul.edu.

Organizers: Allan Berele, Jeff Bergen, Stefan Catoiu, Bill Chin, Barbara Cortzen, Jerry Goldman, Len Krop.
*We gratefully acknowledge partial support from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences of DePaul University,
and from an NSA grant at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.