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Creating Presentations in PowerPoint, Word and Publisher

Instructor: Patricia A. Szczerba





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Winter 2012

This course will next be offered in Winter 2012.
This course will use MS Office 2010 and Windows 7

Two Million Minutes website (and DVD)
is a video comparing high school students in the US (Carmel high school in Indiana),
India and China over a period of 2 years. 2 million minutes is the amount of time US
students spend in high school. See the "trailor" for the documentary and some of
the video interviews, especially YouTube.


When a fire alarm sounds, every DePaul employee, student and visitor must promptly and safely evacuate the building. Alarms matter because lives could be at stake.

Public Safety recommends these key points to remember:

Know at least two stairwell exit routes from your floor
Do not hesitate to evacuate, even if you are in the middle of an exam
Do not take time to bring personal items. Just leave
Use stairwells that are free of smoke
Do not use elevators
Never open a door if it feels hot to the touch
Do not prop open stairwell doors; it could spread the fire
Inform staff on the first floor if someone needs assistance
Stay clear of the building's entrance
Select a place to meet outside the building and report there immediately
Conduct a headcount and inform authorities if someone is missing
Return to the building only after fire officials give the all-clear

People with disabilities may need extra assistance. Anyone with a disability is encouraged to complete a form for voluntary identification of a disability and required assistance. Forms are available from the Office of Students with Disabilities at 773/325-7290. Students with disabilities in need of special help in an emergency should inform their professors, who will be responsible for ensuring that they are assisted to a rescue location.

All DePaul buildings must be fully evacuated when an alarm sounds. You can view the complete emergency evacuation plan at

Fire alarms matter because they help ensure the safety of everyone in the DePaul community.