Patricia A. Szczerba
Visiting Faculty: School for New Learning
Manager, United Nations Videoconference Program, Office of Distance Learning, 1998-2004
DePaul University: Representative to the United Nations

Spring 2009: course with Ambassador Kamal on international corporations


 Experiencing the United Nations
Study-Travel Course
Each Fall Quarter
at UNESCO, Paris, 2008

Creating Presentations in PowerPoint, Word and Publisher, twice each year

Human Rights around the World and in Chicago, 2008

The Role of Corporations in Reducing Povery

Research Seminar
SNL MA Program
in Bangkok

Online course:
Designed: Globlaization: Winners, Losers and Social Justice, 2008
Globalization and the Impact of Technology, 2004-08

 United Nations and International Corporations
Spring 1999-2009

Pat Szczerba began teaching at the School for New Learning in the Winter Quarter of 1996.  She designed the online course Globalization: Winners, Losers and Social Justice, and teaches courses on Microsoft Office Suite, Human Rights aroudn the World and in Chicago, and the United Nations, including a study travel course where students attend the UN's annual three-day conference for affiliated nonprofit organizations that is held each September in New York City.

Pat teaches courses on PowerPoint, Word, Publisher and Excel where students create their own PowerPoint presentation as the final course project. She also taught Research Seminar in the SNL Master's Program in Bangkok, Thailand in August 2006.

Pat initiated and chaired the Chicago Conference on Human Rights at the Lincoln Park Campus on Saturday 4 Oct. 2008. She pulled together a coalition of faculty from Harold Washington College, Roosevelt University, Columbia College Chicago, and several colleges at DePaul including the College of Law, School of Public Service and the School for New Learning in the planning process. Students from these schools attended the conference.

In the spring of 1999, Ambassador Ahmad Kamal, Pakistan, (from United Nations headquarters) and Pat (in the classroom) co-taught a course on the new issues international corporations are facing in today's era of globalization. This was the first time an United Nations ambassador taught a course via videoconferencing from the UN and the first time that SNL had a course via videoconferencing from the UN.  SNL offers this course each Spring Quarter on Thursday nights at the Loop Campus. The 2008 course was the eighth year of this productive collaboration between Pat and Amb. Kamal.

Pat attends numerous professional development conferences including The State of the Planet at Columbia University in March 2006, Business, NGOs and Development at the World Bank in Washington, DC in April 2006, and Business as an Agent of World Benefit: Management Knowledge Leading Positive Change, at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. Plus, she has taken SNL students and faculty to the annual NGO conferences at the United Nations in New York City each September since 1998; and to the NGO human rights conference at UNESCO, Paris in 2008.

She brought to SNL nine years of experience working with nonprofit organizations at the United Nations in New York City. She assisted in SNL's affiliation with the United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI) as a nonprofit organization in March 1997 and became DePaul's representative to the UN. 

Pat is editor of the Global Issues Section for The New York Times Almanac since 1999. She writes on world health, world population, human rights, the United Nations, international organizations and the Nobel Prizes. From 1989 to 1998 she held the same position with The Universal Almanac. In 1999 The Universal Almanac was purchased by The New York Times.

Since 1998, Pat has been conducting teacher trainings for the Chicago Public School's and the Chicago Archdiocese in website design, PowerPoint, Word and Engaged Learning.  She wrote a 150-page training manual on website design used at DePaul and in the public and Catholic schools, and wrote the online training manual for Chicago public school teachers on PowerPoint and Word. She also does PowerPoint, Word, Publisher and website design trainings for local companies.


 United Nations Video Conference Program
Office of 

Distance Learning

Human Rights

DePaul University: UN Videoconferencing Program

Connecting the UN, NGOs and the World -- 46 Countries Join UN Webcast

Experiencing the United Nations

UN Permanent Missions Partner with DePaul

In Their Own Words

Pat helped facilitate the process whereby DePaul became the first university in the world to hold a videoconference discussion between United Nations staff and a class of university students. Students in an environmental law course in the College of Law held the first videoconference discussion with United Nations experts on 2 February 1998. 

From 1998 to 2004 Pat was manager of  DePaul's videoconference program with the United Nations. She arranged for students and faculty to hold a one-time videoconference discussion with United Nations ambassadors and staff who have high expertise in the subject of their course. She also co-managed the program's website.

2003 Pat has written several articles for The United Nations Chronicle, the official magazine of the United Nations.  The online and print magazines have 70,000+ readers around the world. The print edition is published in the UN's six official languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish.

Book chapter:
- Videoconferencing as a Tool for Bringing International Experts into the Classroom: A Description of the DePaul University and United
Nations Videoconference Experience

co-authored with Ambassador Ahmad Kamal, Pakistan (ret.)
in book: Handbook of Blended Shore Education, Gabriele Strohschen (ed.), Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2009

United Nations Chronicle Articles:
DePaul Univeristy: UN Videoconferencing Program, Number 2, June-Aug. 2003, describes DePaul's videoconference program with the United Nations.
- Connecting the UN, NGOs and the World - 46 countries Join UN Webcast,  Number 4, Dec. 2003-Feb.
   2004, is about CTI students monitoring email for the UN's DPI/NGO conference, September 2003.
- Experiencing the United Nations - DePaul University's School for New Learning, Number 1, Mar.-May
  2004, is a description of the NGO conference including text written by several students.
- UN Permanent Missions Parter wtih DePaul, Number 4, 2004, describes how CTI faculty and students
   design websites for UN missions.
- The Law of Cyber-Space, Number 1, March-May 2006.

Kosmos Journal Article:
- In Their Own Words - United Nations Conference: Millennium Development Goals, Fall/Winter 2004,
   includes text by several students describing their experiences at the UN conference. Not online.