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For the main Oxford House website


YouTube video on OH describing our collaboration titled: “Community Psychology: Partnerships for Social Justice”


Video that features Leonard Jason describing Oxford Houses


Wichita, Kansas Oxford House organization


Video of Oxford Houses in Georgia


Jackson Longan’s presentation at one of the OH conventions on different types of OHs




Here is a group of residents from the first Oxford House in Atlanta singing a song on the road to recovery in this YouTube video


This YouTube brief video provides an idea of what occurs during an interview for a person seeking entry into an Oxford House


Another interview


Here an Oxford House resident talks about her experience living in an Oxford House:


SAMSHA's National Registry of Evidence -Based program and practices


Other Important Organizations


National Alliance for Recovery Residences


National Council on Alcoholism and Drug
Dependence, Inc. (NCADD)

Partnership for Drug Free Kids

Legal Action Center

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)


College Student's Guide to Substance Abuse in College

Suggestions from others:


Steve Neale’s daughter, Shannon, entering 7th grade this year, found this guide to be very helpful: www.whitesandstreatment.com/interactive-lesson-guide-parents-teachers-teach-kids-drugs-alcohol/


This guide has a strong focus on substance abuse on campus and offers info on how this issue affects college students and youth, campus regulations and policies, where to get help, and what parents, teachers and peers can do about it. The page also includes expert insight and tips from a recovering college addict who now works with a treatment center to help those struggling with substance abuse. You can read more here: College Student’s Guide to Avoiding Drug and Alcohol Abuse: https://www.accreditedschoolsonline.org/resources/avoiding-substance-abuse/


Here is a web guide that focuses on educating students on substance abuse treatment. www.RehabSpot.com/drugs/who-addiction-affects/College-Drug-Abuse


Nicole Wingfield from American Addiction Centers (AAC), who offer up-to-date and helpful information about addiction, recommended these links:





Sarah Witmer provided us this useful Blood Alcohol Content Calculator



National Rehab Centers www.onthewagon.org/national-rehab-centers/


Drowsy Driving Safety Resource:   countingsheep.net/drowsy-driving/


Here is information regarding drug and alcohol addiction and connects college students who are struggling to treatment centers that fit their specific needs: AddictionCenter.com


A guide to finding alcohol treatment centers and expertise: www.AlcoholRehabGuide.org/resources/dual-diagnosis


A guide regarding the costs of a DUI & how to avoid them - https://www.moneygeek.com/insurance/auto/resources/dui-prevention/?


A list of helpful resources: www.RehabSpot.com/Treatment