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About Me

I hold a B.S. in Computer Science (1992), a M.S. in Computer Science (1994), and a M.S. in HCI (2000). I got the first two degrees at the University of Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia, and the M.S. in HCI at DePaul University.

In Colombia, I worked in the areas of Computer Graphics and Robotics. During my master’s program I was a teaching assistant and worked doing research for the DFAC group (Computer Aided Design and Manufacture), developing an off-line robot programming environment called MSIM. I also was a lecturer in C programming and data structures using C for five years (1992-1997) and worked as Director of the Computer Center at St. Martin University (1994-1997).

I am currently completing my PhD degree in Computer Science at DePaul. I am an active member of the American Sign Language project (ASL project) at CTI. I worked in the creation of a more realistic graphical human hand to be used in the transcription of signs. My dissertation research has to do with the automated conjugation of agreement verbs in ASL using computer graphics.

My main research interests are related with Computer Graphics, HCI, and writing code!.

For fun, I like to play soccer -haven't played recently though-, bowling, squash, Colombian coffee (the -real- colombian coffee of course), walk, collect music (80's, oldies, dance, techno, soft rock, new age), watch TV, and read suspense books.

If there is anything else you'd like to know... just ask! :)




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