Dynamics Ideas in Geometry, Topology and Number Theory

Conference Honoring Svetlana Katok's Birthday

Department of Mathematics, Penn State, University Park

May 5-6, 2007


            Keith Burns  (Northwestern University)
            Krystyna Kuperberg (Auburn University)
            Elon Lindenstrauss (Princeton University)
            Gregory Margulis (Yale University)
            John Millson (University of Maryland)
            Peter Sarnak (Princeton University)
            Richard Schwartz (Brown University)
            Harold Stark (UC San Diego)
            Audrey Terras (UC San Diego)

Schedule of talks


    Tatyana Foth (University of Western Ontario)

    Omri Sarig (Penn State)

    Ilie Ugarcovici (DePaul University)

Registration/Hotel reservation: To register for the Conference, please fill-out the attached registration form and e-mail it to Hope Shaffer at shaffer@math.psu.edu. We have reserved a block of rooms at Days Inn hotel (one block from campus; click here for directions). In case you would like the organizers to book a room for you, please specify that in the registration form. The cutoff date for hotel reservations is April 11, 2007.

Banquet: There will be a dinner in honor of Svetlana Katok on Saturday, May 5 at Alto Restaurant in Lemont.

All talks will take place in the Mathematics Department (McAllister Building), room 114. Click here for a Penn State visitor's guide.

Supported byThe Center for Dynamics and Geometry, Penn State