Clark Elliott—Courses taught at DePaul:

  1. CSC110 Elements of Computers and Information Science
  2. HON207 Honors Cognitive Science
  3. CSC208 Ethics in the Digital Age
  4. CSC215 Introduction to Programming in C
  5. CSC225 C Language for Programmers
  6. CSC240 Personal Computing for Programmers
  7. CSC250 Computers and Human Intelligence
  8. CSC250 Computers and Human Intelligence—Science as a Way of Knowing.
  9. CSC301 Data Structures II
  10. CSC307 Foundations of Intelligent Web Servers (cross with CSC599)
  11. CSC310 Principles of Computer Science I
  12. CSC311 Principles of Computer Science II
  13. CSC312 Assembly Language and Computer Organization
  14. CSC320 Discrete Structures and Algorithms I
  15. CSC341 Survey of Operating Systems
  16. CSC343 Introduction to Operating Systems
  17. CSC347 Concepts of Programming Languages
  18. CSC349 Databases and Data Management
  19. CSC352 Database Programming
  20. CSC357 Expert Systems (cross with CSC457)
  21. CSC358 Symbolic Programming (cross with CSC458)
  22. IS376 Information Systems Project
  23. CSC376 Distributed Systems
  24. CSC394 Software Projects
  25. DS420/SE435/CSC435 Foundations of Distributed Systems
  26. SE450 Object-Oriented Software Development
  27. CSC457 Expert Systems (cross with CSC357)
  28. CSC458 Symbolic Programming (cross with CSC358)
  29. DS513 Client/Server Technologies (cross with TDC513)
  30. TDC513 Client/Server Technologies (cross with DS513)
  31. CSC574 Decision Support and Expert Systems
  32. CSC580 Artificial Intelligence Programming I
  33. CSC581 Knowledge-based Systems
  34. ECT882 E-commerce Security
  35. CSC587 Cognitive Science
  36. CSC594 Topics in Artificial Intelligence: Content Theories of Emotion and Personality.
  37. CSC599 Foundations of Intelligent Web Servers (cross with CSC307)
  38. CSC599 Artificial Intelligence Models of Emotion and Personaltiy for Gaming Applications.