Elizabeth Crandall


Dear Professor Moore,

    I am pleased to say that I have completed my portfolio for WRD 104, and that I am leaving it in your hands. You will find all of the requirements inside, along with how much I have grown as a writer since last quarter.

Some of the points that I am proud of I would like to highlight:

  1. -The reflective essay shows an insight into how I carefully analyzed each work before I decided what angle I should attack each separately.

  2. -I have included pictures of the two paintings we analyzed in class in order to show a visual as to what I am describing.

  3. -My research paper is my favorite piece of writing, and please be sure to note how I relate the past of feminism to the present and future.

  4. -Notice how I took a different spin on the argument “what are books for?” in order to a get a more informed answer.

  5. -With regards to my week 9 project, I have clearly thought out and described how the three questions that should be in answered in college, and notice how they both amused and challenged my thinking.

If you would like to see more insights or information on the pieces, please visit my wordpress website at : http://ecrandal.wordpress.com/

You may contact me by my email if you have any furture questions: ECRANDAL@mail.depaul.edu

Thanks for all of your time and help,

Elizabeth Crandall