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Rock'n America: A Social and Cultural History

Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2015


Heavy Metal: The Music And Its Culture
New York: DaCapo, 2000


Postmodern(ized) Simmel
London: Routledge, 1993

(With M.A. Weinstein)

Republished in Rutledge Revivals, 2013


Heavy Metal:

A Cultural Sociology
New York: Macmillan/Lexington, 1991


Schopenhauer and Nietzsche by Georg Simmel (Introduction and  Translation), (with H.Loiskandl and M.A. Weinstein) Amherst: University Of

Massachusetts Press, 1986
Paperback Reprint-The University Of 

      Illinois Press, 1991


Serious Rock: The Artistic Vision of Modern Society In Pink Floyd, Rush and Bruce Springsteen
Montreal: New World Perspectives, 1985


Bureaucratic Opposition:
Challenging Abuses At The Workplace
New York: Pergamon, Press, 1979


Choosing Sociology:
An Introduction To Critical Inquiry

New York: David Mckay, 1974

(with M.A. Weinstein)

Choosing Soc

Living Sociology: A Critical Introduction
New York: David Mckay, 1974

(with M.A. Weinstein)


The Roles of Man:
An Introduction to The Social Sciences

Hinsdale, Illinois: Dryden Press, 1972
(with M.A. Weinstein)


Clash of Perspectives: Readings In Social Science
Hinsdale, Illinois: Dryden Press, 1972
(with M.A. Weinstein)


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