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The Art of Translation

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Call for Contributions


The Art of Translation is a US-based academic quarterly journal published in paper version. It publishes high quality original articles on translation theory and practice, including but not limited to essays, research papers, theses, and dissertations. We welcome contributions not only from well-known professors or scholars, but also early-career researchers. Please email your contribution in Word format to:


This Call continues through April 30, 2020. Each submission is limited to 5,000 words, with the body text in Times New Roman, Font Size 11, single-spaced.


Your contribution should include:

(1) A title (plus a subtitle if necessary);

(2) Authorís name;

(3) Authorís workplace or school;

(4) Abstract (150 English words or 250 Chinese characters or so);

(5) Keywords (3-5 keywords);

(6) Body (in-text citations should be placed in brackets);

(7) References (in analphabetic order);

(8) Authorís contact information.




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The Art of Translation

Feb 15, 2020