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Current Officers 2005-06
Sara MacDonald, Moderator
Melanie Emerson, Vice-Moderator
Jennifer Hehman, Column Editor

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Conference - Banff 2006
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Statement of Purpose

The Women and Art Round Table of ARLIS/NA is composed of members concerned with documenting women's contributions to the visual arts and ensuring that materials relating to women artists, curators, museum and gallery directors, educators, and collectors are accessible to libraries and visual collections.

This round table focuses attention and bibliographic expertise on art scholarship from a multidisciplinary approach. Its goal is to help scholars rediscover women in the history of the visual arts and encourage librarians and visual resources curators to collect materials on women artists for their institutions.

The history of the Women and Art Roundtable:
The Roundtable was established in 1990.  The original acronym was WaART, but was happily changed to WomART in 2001. The first moderators were Edith Crowe, 1990-91 and Sara MacDonald, 1992.

Conference sessions of interest to, or sponsored by, the Women and Art Roundtable were:
   Houston 2005 - Oil Patch to Oil on Canvas: Four Texas Women Collectors
   New York City 2004 - Expanding the Canon: Women Collectors and the Arts - Sara Harrington, moderator,       Sharon Wasserman and Susan Nurse, speakers
   St. Louis 2002 - Women Artists of St. Louis: Past and Present, - Laura Schwartz and Ellen Petraits,       moderators
   Los Angeles 2001 - Contemporary Native American Art: Challenges for Artists, Curators, Scholars,       Librarians, and Educators -  Marilyn Russell-Bogle, speaker

Past Conferences

2005 Houston
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2004 New York City
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2003 Baltimore
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2002 St. Louis
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2001 Los Angeles
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Past Moderators

2005-2006 Sara MacDonald
2004-2005 Sara Harrington
2003-2004-Shannon Van Kirk
2002-2003-Eumie Imm-Stroukoff
2001-2002 Miguel Juarez
2000-2001 Laura Schwartz
1999-2000 Susan Nurse
1998-1999 Sara MacDonald
1997-1998 Bonnie Reed
1996-1997 Bonnie Reed
1995-1996 Liesel Nolan
1994-1995 Peggy Keeran
1993-1994 ?
1992-1993 Sara MacDonald
1991-1992 Edith Crow


   WomART members in Los Angeles, 2001. Photograph by Miguel Juarez