Basics Martin Kalin
Professor, College of Computing and Digital Media
DePaul University
Chicago, IL 60604

PhD, Northwestern University

C Programming: Introducing Portable Assembler
Java Web Services: Up and Running (2nd edition)
Applications Programming in ANSI C (3rd edition)
C for Scientists and Engineers
Applications Programming in C++
Object-Oriented Programming in C++ (2nd edition)
Object-Oriented Programming in Java

Code from articles
Link to articles
Source code and sample input files for Looking at the Lispy Side of Perl
Source code for screen-scraping in Perl
Source code for Locks versus Channels in Concurrent Go
Source code for HTTP Request Routing and Validation with gorilla/mux
Source code for the series on IPC in Linux
OpenSSL examples
Source code for the WebAssembly article
Source code/IDLs for the Protobuf article
Source code for streaming/functional Java
Source code Hidden Markov Models with Viterbi algorithm

Some other code
Code for Java Web Services: Up and Running (2nd edition)
Clojure code for Computing in Science and Engineering article
Graph-generating program: graph_ge.c
Turing machine simulator (in old-style C)
Java Web Services: Up and Running (1st edition): the code in a ZIP
Revised client code for Amazon's E-Commerce service for Java Web Services: Up and Running (1st edition)

E-mail, hompage, Twitter, and office
Twitter: @kalin_martin
304 CDM Building at 243 South Wabash, Chicago, IL 60604