Basics Martin Kalin
Professor, College of Computing and Digital Media
DePaul University
Chicago, IL 60604

PhD, Northwestern University

C Programming: Introducing Portable Assembler
Java Web Services: Up and Running (2nd edition)
Applications Programming in ANSI C (3rd edition)
C for Scientists and Engineers
Applications Programming in C++
Object-Oriented Programming in C++ (2nd edition)
Object-Oriented Programming in Java

Code from articles
Link to articles
Source code and sample input files for Looking at the Lispy Side of Perl
Source code for screen-scraping in Perl
Source code for Locks versus Channels in Concurrent Go
Source code for HTTP Request Routing and Validation with gorilla/mux
Source code for the series on IPC in Linux
OpenSSL examples
Source code for the WebAssembly article
Source code/IDLs for the Protobuf article
Source code for streaming/functional Java
Source code for Hidden Markov Models with Viterbi algorithm
Source code, WAR, etc. for Restful services in Java
Source code for the Arm6 assembly examples
Code for the static/dynamic library examples
Python request handler for web apps on Raspberry Pi 4
BusyBeaver simulator and sample games
C files and input file for memory safey and efficiency article

Some other code
Code for Java Web Services: Up and Running (2nd edition)
Clojure code for Computing in Science and Engineering article
Graph-generating program: graph_ge.c
Turing machine simulator (in old-style C)
Java Web Services: Up and Running (1st edition): the code in a ZIP
Revised client code for Amazon's E-Commerce service for Java Web Services: Up and Running (1st edition)

E-mail, hompage, Twitter, and office
Twitter: @kalin_martin
304 CDM Building at 243 South Wabash, Chicago, IL 60604