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SEO: Search Engine Optimization
I am not teaching the SEO Seminar at the moment - much of the material is covered in the second week of Practical Internet Marketing (in a more compressed fashion). I have also taken much of the content that that was covered in the one-day seminar and converted this to a chapter that appears in both the first and second edition of the IMC Handbook: Readings and Cases in Integrated Marketing Communication (Racom Communications).

Practical Internet Marketing was the first certificate program I taught for DePaul. I really enjoyed researching and teaching the program. Market research suggested that our target audience of busy professionals preferred a course that lasted no longer than five weeks. Thus, we designed the Practical Internet Marketing Certificate Program based upon this information. In teaching the certificate program we discovered that there was an audience that could not commit to five or six weeks of study. Instead this particular audience wanted a one-day course. And so we developed the one-day SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Seminar.

The SEO seminar concentrates on honing the skills and knowledge to raise search engine rankings and improving website accessibility.

Much is covered in one day. I am a little concerned about deluging participants with a flood of information so I provide lecture handouts and workbooks that can be perused at leisure.
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