Handouts and supplementary information from presentation given at the Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning on Friday, August 6th, 2010.
Twitter burned a blazing path through the international consciousness. The term “social phenomenon” is bandied about loosely, but it definitely applies to microblogging. Twitter is one way to instantaneously share messages ranging from the profound to the trite, in 140 characters or fewer. Think of it as blogging on steroids. And as blogging has been demonstrated to aid learning, curious educators have looked at Twitter and other microblogging services as a new teaching tool to utilize.
Google Wave
E-mail is older than you might think. Electronic mail in some format has been around since 1971. E-mail has not changed too dramatically over the years; this simplicity may be one of the reasons for its ubiquity. However, this form of communication has inherent flaws. Google Wave grew out of the question “What would e-mail look like if it were invented today?” As such, it is a real-time collaborative tool that assembles the elements of IM (Instant Message), Wikis, Google Docs and e-mail into one interface. Google Wave has the potential to usurp the traditional Leaning Management System.
Learn how both these real-time technologies work, and how they might be used to enhance the learning experience.
Teaching with Twitter and Google Wave

Presentation Handout