Desale Habtzghi

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematical Sciences
DePaul University
SAC 504
Phone: (773) 325-4054

    Winter 2019 Office Hours

        3:30 PM -5:30 PM Wednesday and Thursday at Lincoln Park Campus
        Other Hours by Appointment

      Personal Information
      Ph.D., Statistics, The University of Georgia, 2006
      M.S., Statistics, The University of Georgia, 2003.
      M.S., Mathematic, Southern Illinois University, 2001.
      B.S. Mathematics (with distinction) University of Asmara, 1996.


        Survival Analysis, Biostatistics, Statistical Computing, Statistical Inferences (parametric and nonparametric), Mathematical Statistics Methodology and Application, Applications in Social and Behavioral science.


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        1. Dissertation:Maximum likelihood based estimation of hazard function under shape restrictions and related statistical inference . Department of Statistics, University of Georgia (2006). Major Advisors: Somnath Datta and Mary C. Meyer

      Some algorithms, data sets and R codes related to my research

    1. R Code for Confidence Interval for Bionmial Probability

    2. R Code for Waste Flake Size Distribution

    3. 5K race data set for the combined permutation test

    4. R Code for Combining Paired and Two-Sample Data

    5. R Code for Nonparametric Estimation of Optimal Retention

    6. Course Syllabi

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