DePaul University College of Law



Professor Alicia Alvarez

Office: Room 1056 O’Malley

Telephone Number: (312) 362-8297

E-mail address:

Class meetings - Wednesdays 3:30 - 5:00, Room 961 Lewis

Required books: Binder, Bergman and Price, Lawyers as Counselors

(West 1991) (hereinafter BBP)

Krieger, Neumann, McManus and Jamar, Essential Lawyering Skills (Aspen 1999) (hereinafter KNMJ)

Community Development Law Clinic Materials (available in bookstore)

August 25 - Introduction to the Clinic and Learning in the Clinic.

Readings: BBP p. 2-24

Community Development Law Clinic Manual

Menkel-Meadow, "Two Contradictory Criticisms of Clinical Education: Dilemmas and Directions in Lawyering Education," Antioch L.J., vol. 4, p. 287-299 (1986).

Amsterdam, "Clinical Legal Education-a 21st Century Perspective," 34 J. Legal Ed. 612-618 (1984).

September 1 - Introduction continued.

September 8 - Tour of Humboldt Park.

Readings: Clinic Materials p. 1-20.

September 15 - Introduction to Economic Development and Economic Development in Chicago.

Readings: Betancur, Bennett and Wright, "The Rise of Community Economic Development," from Challenging Uneven Development, Nyden and Wievel, ed., Clinic Materials p. 21-26.

Edelman, "Toward a Comprehensive Antipoverty Strategy: Getting Beyond the Silver Bullet," Georgetown L.J., vol. 81, p. 1697-1703, 1724-1725, 1732-1755 (1993).

Dreier, "America’s Urban Crisis: Symptoms, Causes and Solutions," North Carolina L. Rev., vol. 71 p. 1362-1399 (1993).

Pitegoff, "Urban Revitalization and Community Finance: An Introduction," U. of Michigan J. of Law Reform, vol. 27, p. 613-632 (1994).

Stanback and Mier, "Economic Development for whom? The Chicago Model," Review of Law and Social Change, vol. 25, p. 11-22 (1986-1987).

Gills, "Chicago Politics and Community Development," Clinic Materials p. 27-31.

Cordova, "Community Intervention Efforts," Clinic Materials p. 32-35

Brehm, "The City and the Neighborhoods," Clinic Materials p. 36-49.

Marciniak "Reviving an Inner City Neighborhood," Clinic Materials p. 50-82.

Assignment: Problem 1 B

September 18 (Saturday 9-12:00) – Interviewing.

Readings: BBP p. 25-236.

KNMJ p. 78-80, 83-87.

Assignment: Problem 2

September 22 - Interviewing - class cancelled.

Assignment: Problem 3

September 29 – Interviewing.

Readings: Hosticka, "We Don’t Care What Happened, We Only Care About What is Going to Happen: Lawyer-Client Negotiations of Reality," Clinic Materials

p. 92-103.

October 6 and 13 - Class cancelled – Team evaluations week of October 4. Mid-semester evaluations week of October 11.

October 20 - Case Planning and Decision-making.

Readings: "Planning the transaction: The other side of Practice" from Haydock, Knapp, Juergens, Herr, Stempel, Lawyering Practice and Planning (West 1996), Clinic Materials p.104-110.

Bellow and Moulton, The Lawyering Process, p. 273-280, 296-304, 321-324 (on reserve in library).

Hegland, "Legal Problem Solving," from Trial and Practice Skills (West), Clinic Materials p. 111-121.

Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, (Bantam Books 1974), Clinic Materials, p. 124-125.

Lopez, "Lay Lawyering," Clinic Materials p. 122-123.

Blasi, "What Lawyers Know………," J. Legal Ed. Vol. 45, No. 3, p. 314-315, 323-328 (1995).

KNMJ p. 31-44.

Assignment: Problem 4

October 23 (Saturday 9-12) - Client Counseling.

Readings: BBP p. 25-361, 376-406.

KNMJ p. 183-184, 189-194, 220-224.

October 27 - Client Counseling -- class cancelled.

Assignment: Problem 5

November 3 – Client Counseling.

November 10 - The Role of Lawyers in Community Development.

Readings: Lopez, Rebellious Lawyering, p. 38-82 (on reserve in Library).

Wexler, "Practicing Law for Poor People," Yale L.J. vol. 79 p. 1049-1066 (1970).

Fox, "Some Rules for Community Lawyers," Clinic Materials p. 83-89.

"The Role of the Lawyer" from Homes for the Homeless, Clinic Materials p. 90-91.

Southport, "Business Planning for the Destitute," 1996 Wisconsin L. Rev. p. 1121-1169.

November 17 and 24 – Class cancelled.

December 6-17 – Evaluations to be scheduled.