CSC-200 Course Syllabus

Survey of Computer Technology (200-21-601 & 901)

Instructor: Yosef Mendelsohn
Web Page:
Time & Location for 601: Tue & Thurs: 1:30-3:00, Lewis
Time & Location for 901: Tue: 6:15-9:30, Naperville
Course Home Page:
Office Hours & Location: TBA

Summary of the course:

General survey of computer systems starting with information technology and society, extending to cover the technologies used in information processing, what information systems do and the backbone of all information systems - the information itself. Other topics include communications systems, operating systems, programming and programming languages, application software and basic business concepts.


Textbooks and printed resources:

Laudon, Traver and Laudon: "Information Technology and Society", 2nd Edition, Course Technology Inc., 1996.  ISBN: 0-7600-4250-0



This course assumes no prior knowledge or experience in Computer Science.


Homeworks (3 X 5%) 15%
Project 20%
Quizzes (3 X 10%) 30%
Class Participation 05%
Final Exam 30%

Total 100%

Grading Scale:

A 94 - 100 B- 80 - 82.9 D+ 67 - 69.9
A- 90 - 93.9 C+ 77 - 79.9 D 60 - 66.9
B+ 87 - 89.9 C 73 - 76.9 F > 60
B 83 - 86.9 C- 70 - 72.9


Attendance is not required but may be factored in to your class participation grade.

Week by week schedule

To be posted.

University policies:


 It is the policy of DePaul not to tolerate either cheating or plagiarism. Please consult the
Bulletin or Student Handbook if you are uncertain about what constitutes plagiarism. Be aware that one
form of plagiarism committed by students (sometimes unintentionally) is to quote or paraphrase
secondary material (such as textbooks, etc.) without citing the source.


An incomplete grade is given only for an exceptional reason such as a death in the family, a serious illness, etc. Any such reason must be documented. Any incomplete request must be made at least two weeks before the final, and approved by the Dean of the School of Computer Science, Telecommunications and Information Systems. Any consequences resulting from a poor grade for the course will not be considered as valid reasons for such a request.