Office Hours for Yosef Mendelsohn

Fall Quarter 2018


CDM Building, (243 S. Wabash)

Mezzannine Level, Room M-107

If the door is locked, call me at 312-362-7602 and I will let you in.


I am available during office hours in person, by phone, using Skype, or by e-mail. 


Office Hours Online Students:

I am willing to make appointments at any time including evenings and weekends. If you would like to schedule an appointment, the easiest and most efficient way is to send me 2-3 different dates and times that will work for you. Hopefully one of those will work for me and I will write you back with an appointment. This will save a lot of back-and-forth emails just to schedule a time.


Office Hours In Class Students:

For in-office office hours (as opposed to online), appointments are not required. Since students may be present in person during those hours, it is possible that there will be some delay before I respond to e-mail, phone calls, or Skype requests. 

Please make use of office hours!  Asking questions about the assessments, class notes, labs, or the readings can improve your understanding enormously.  It will also let me know if I need to review a topic with the class. If you want to talk to me during my office hours but are unable to do so for any reasons, please contact me to make an appointment outside those hours.

Phone: 312-362-7602. Please note that I do not check this voicemail nearly as frequently as I do email. Therefore, your best way of reaching me is definitely email.



         For Online Only courses, I am willing to meet by online appointment as discussed above. I am also happy to see you at in-office office hours if I have in-class sections.

         For the fall quarter of 2018-2019, I will have hours on Mondays between 12 and 1:20 PM.