Hey Andy,
This is not the best way to send mail, but at least I can send you the rest of the message, since I spent the time writing it. I'm glad to hear Gia is in the semis, keep me posted on it. Anyway, all that my message said the other day was:


Now *that* was a pleasant surprise. Most of my e-mail as of late has been requests from professors for computer-related stuff and generic university-wide email that contains little of interest. I've been thinking of you ever since the games started. How are you feeling?

Also, who is coaching the team? Is Victor there? (Say hello for me if he is). What is you relationship with him like these days? And do tell about your interactions with Bianco et al.

You know, I was actually playing with the idea of driving down to Atlanta to see you, but I heard that getting a place to stay was a nightmare. I know I won't be able to stay in the athletes village these games, but let me know if you can work something out.

Keep checking in. I will send the the address of your picture that I put on the world-wide-web. It is your baseball card from Barcelona. And I'll forward your message to Moshe's e-mail address so he can write you too. But I have to run right now. I am at work and so I will check mail several times throughout the day.

Thinking of you,
- Y.Y.