White Chicks (2004)
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Director Keenen Ivory Wayans
Language English
Audience Rating Unrated
Country USA
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Roasted by critics but surprisingly tenacious at the box office, White Chicks is the kind of comedy that thrives (well, maybe) on home video. Faint praise indeed, but it allows comedy fans an opportunity to cut the Wayans brothers (costars Marlon and Shawn, and director-cowriter Keenen Ivory) some slack and at least try to answer the obvious question, what were they thinking? For the sake of charity, let's ignore charges of reverse racism that plagued this would-be comedy about a pair of FBI agents (Marlon and Shawn) who go undercover as over-privileged white debutantes to thwart a kidnapping scheme, and let's allow that comedy--not social satire--is the Wayans' top priority. If you can get past the fart jokes, the freakishly unconvincing "white chick" makeup, seemingly endless gags about "white chicks" getting hit on by lusty black guys, and a plot that really doesn't matter at all, you just might find a laugh or two in the Wayans' attempt to understand women through a bit of friendly gender reversal. Tootsie it's not, but at least White Chicks offers more entertainment that Nicky and Paris Hilton, who partially inspired the story. Just ask yourself, which freak show do you prefer? --Jeff Shannon
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