Tao of Steve, The (2000)
Front Cover Actor
Donal Logue Dex
Movie Details
Genre Action; Adventure
Director Jenniphr Goodman
Language English
Running Time 88 mins
Country USA
Color Color
Jenniphr Goodman makes her directorial debut with this film about an overweight slacker who has an unusual ability to attract the ladies. The film opens in Santa Fe with portly Don Juan Dex (Donal Logue) at his college reunion. Two of his school day conquests comment about how much weight Dex has gained since graduation. He gamely flirts with a student bartender, but he finds himself attracted to Syd (Greer Goodman) the attractive blonde drummer of the band. Later, Dex tries to teach one of his desperate roommates the "Tao of Steve" (as in 1960s swinging stud Steve McQueen). Rule one: feign a complete lack of interest in anything physical. Rule two: do something excellent in order to demonstrate your "sex-worthiness." Yet when wooing Syd, he finds his prowess and his faith in the Tao tested. Out of desperation, he shows all his cards and tells her he is in love with her. She fires back with the revelation that they actually once had sex back during college. Though initially flummoxed, he continues to pursue her until she invites him on a backpacking trip up in the mountains. After an unfortunate incident involving some guy and a fist, Syd nurses Dex back to health, and soon romantic sparks fly. This film was screened at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival. — Jonathan Crow
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