WWII - Lost Color Archives, D1 - The Lost Color Archives (2000)
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Genre Action; Adventure
Studio A&E
Language English
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Running Time 171 mins
Country USA
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Narrated By John Thaw

Until today, our collective memories of World War II have live almost exclusively in black and white. But the recently re-discovered archival materials of this remarkable series are about to permanently alter the way we look at the war and those who fought it. Assembled after years of research, this rarely seen color film footage offers a graphic and extraordinary new perspective on the greatest military struggle the world has ever endured.

Detailing the entire course of the conflict, World War II: The Lost Color Archives provides a unique new perspective on everything from the war's most critical battles and key personalities to details of life on the home front to the plight of uprooted refugees. From the earliest days of the Blitz to D-Day and Hiroshima, home movies and rare archival film footage are combined with dramatic first-person accounts and diaries to reveal the personal side of the decision-makers -- as well as the millions of innocent bystanders -- at the center of this worldwide conflagration. A striking, unprecedented look at a world, a time and a conflict we all thought we knew so well, this is World War II, quite literally, as you've never se en it before.

New World Order (Volume I)
The year is 1937. In the German heartland, pre-war passions being nurtured under Hitler's single-minded leadership would soon unleash conflict and suffering on a global scale. Witness newly found color combat footage of the onslaught of terror and technology deployed by Hitler in his support of Franco's Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War. As WWII begins in earnest, rare footage reveals the bravado of Stalin's Russia and the bleak aftermath of the Allied retreat from Dunkirk. Equally fascinating is the personal side of the war's early years, from American factories churning out vital materials to the home movies of Hitler's mistress.

Total War
The Hawaiian Islands: December, 1941. Roused to full combative fury by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, America now mobilizes her formidable industrial and military might to meet enemies on two global fronts. In the European arena, amazing color footage records the lighting advance of German troops pushing toward Moscow and the inhuman conditions of the Warsaw ghetto. Combat action ranges from the ferocious Battle of Stalingrad to the fight for control of the Pacific.

Triumph And Despair (Volume II)
June 1941: the South of England. The Allies are about to launch the largest amphibious assault ever attempted in a bid to establish a beachhead on the French coast. Through new-found color film from the front, the landings on the beaches of Normandy are revealed in all their chaos, sacrifice and heroism. Once ashore, the Allied forces are seen grinding their way through the hard-fought "battle of the hedgerows" to the Battle of the Buldge, Berlin's fall and the final disintegration of Hitler's Thousand Year Reich. Meanwhile, in the Pacific, some of the war's bloodiest battles are being fought -- leading up to the final nuclear attack on Japan. Rare footage also record the war's aftermath -- from the liberation of the Nazi death camps to the global celebrations of V.E. and V.J. Day -- the end of the most destructive conflict in world history.
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