Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure (2001)
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Kevin Spacey Narrator
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Genre Action; Adventure
Director George Butler (II); George Butler
Language English
Running Time 41 mins
Country USA
Color Color
In 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton and a crew of 27 men set sail aboard Shackleton's ship the Endurance to Antarctica, with the goal of becoming the first men to cross the South Pole on foot. Unstable weather conditions and a series of unavoidable accidents destroyed the ship and left Shackleton and his men stranded in the icy wastes near the bottom of the world. Shackleton pledged to his men that they would survive the disaster, and remarkably he proved good to his word, with the men of the Endurance returned to safety after a grueling two years in one of the most punishing environments on Earth. Shacketon's Antarctic Adventure combines film shot by Frank Hurley during Shackleton's ill-fated expedition with new footage lensed in the high-definition IMAX format of modern-day adventurers retracing Shackleton's route to document the obstacles presented to the men of the Endurance and how they overcame them. Shacketon's Antarctic Adventure was the second documentary directed by George Butler on Shackleton's fateful voyage to the South Pole, following 2000's The Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition. — Mark Deming
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