Pink Floyd - The Wall - The Wall (1982)
Front Cover Actor
Bob Geldof Pink
Christine Hargreaves Pink's mother
James Laurenson Pink's father
Eleanor David Pink's wife
Bob Hoskins Rock 'n' Roll Manager
Kevin McKeon Young Pink
David Bingham Little Pink
Jenny Wright Pink's Groupie
Alex McAvoy Teacher
Ellis Dale English doctor
Movie Details
Director Alan Parker
Language English
Running Time 99 mins
Country USA
Color Color
Inspired by Pink Floyd's album of the same name, Pink Floyd: The Wall is a dark, expressionistic musical, told from the point of view of Pink, a depressed rock musician. The film is structured around Pink's reflections on his life, all of which center on the building of "the wall." This wall is a metaphor for psychological isolation, a barrier Pink creates to distance himself from his pain. The foundations for this wall are lain in childhood, with the death of Pink's father leaving him to be raised by an overprotective mother and a repressive school system. He seeks freedom from this world through writing and music. However, even after he achieves success as a rock star, the wall continues to grow, with Pink feeling trapped by fame and wounded by his failed personal relationships. Lost in despair and self-loathing, he attempts to isolate himself from the world entirely. Director Alan Parker approaches this material in a highly stylized manner, mingling animation and dream-like sequences to suggest Pink's perception of the world. These techniques complement the almost constant music, which the film often uses in place of dialogue. Songs include "Another Brick in the Wall" and "Comfortably Numb". — Judd Blaise
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Format DVD
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