A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy (1982)
Front Cover Actor
Woody Allen Andrew
Mia Farrow Ariel
José Ferrer Leopold
Julie Hagerty Dulcy
Tony Roberts Maxwell
Mary Steenburgen Adrian
Moishe Rosenfeld Mr. Hayes
Thomas Barbour Blint
Boris Zoubok Purvis
Sol Frieder Carstairs
Movie Details
Genre Comedy
Director Woody Allen
Language English
Running Time 88 mins
Country USA
Color Color
Woody Allen brings a diverting whimsy and a hopeful innocence to this period roundelay, based upon Ingmar Bergman's Smiles of a Summer's Night and Jean Renoir's Rules of the Game. Allen plays Andrew, a Wall Street broker and eccentric inventor who is having frigidity problems with his wife Adrian (Mary Steenburgen). Adrian and Andrew are the hosts, at their summer house in the country, of a wedding party for Ariel (Mia Farrow) and Leopold (Jose Ferrer), a famed academic who is Andrew's cousin. Over the weekend, another couple converges at Andrew's summer home — the sly, lady-killer of a doctor Maxwell (Tony Roberts) and his date, the deliciously ditzy nurse Dulcy (Julie Hagerty). Through the course of the weekend, sexual partners are exchanged and magical fairy tale moments are shared. — Paul Brenner
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Format DVD
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