Resources you will need for IT-130:


Textbooks Online

         Safari books is an online group of technical textbooks that are available to DePaul students. You can access it through the DePaul library, or directly via this link.

         Here is a document put together by Professor Daniel Mittleman listing the HTML5 and CSS3 books available via Safari. This document was current as of Jan 2012.


Setting up your account on the web server

See this link


Programs you will need for the course

You will need to download:

1.    A text editor

2.    A web browser (which you already have)

3.    An FTP client





The principle behind web design is that your pages should look more or less the same regardless of which web client you use. However, for this course, I would like you to download Firefox and be sure to test all your pages on it, as that is the browser that the grader will be using. You are free to use any other client for your personal browsing, but for this course, be sure to at least test your pages on Firefox. Download here.




MSDNAA Software

Expensive but free(!) software available to currently registered students of CDM. Includes applications such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual Studio, and many others. Log in here using your Campus Connect id and password.



         Understanding FTP A somewhat detailed tutorial for understanding what FTP is and how to use it.



Some additional help pages

Understanding Windows files and directories a tutorial Ive written fro people not familiar working with files and directories.



Understanding archiving using Winzip explains the process. However, this is a few years old. There are also many videos online. Here is a YouTube video describing how to zip files using Windows 7.



Using PSPad to edit HTML files



Color template and codes for use in HTML pages



Basic CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) reference



Preparing images for the web (MS Word document)