Quiz #1 – IT130


While I will not typically tell you the exact requirements for a quiz ahead of time, I may do so periodically. In this case, for quiz #1 you will be asked to simply type out the document giving the basic template of a web page that we discussed in lecture #1. You can find this document (first_template.htm) on the class web page under ‘Week 1’.


Be sure that you can type this from memory – that is ALL you have to do for the first quiz. Please be sure all conventions are followed such as naming conventions, white space, indentation (of meta and title tags), etc. The only change I will ask you to make, is to choose a different title.


No reason not to easily get a perfect score on this one!


Distance Learning students: Because you are not in the classroom, things will have to be done a little differently. I will send you an email about this shortly.